July 23, 2012

Sea Turtle - Speed Sculpt

I like turtles.

Quick speed sculpt tonight. Was originally going to make the shell its own piece, but went with it and made it all one. Will post the zbrush video after it uploads. Hah I don't know who all watches them if anyone... But I think they are a cool way to go back and look at my own process and find things that I did that were a little on the silly side.


July 22, 2012

July 19, 2012

Snail Render - WIP

Working on a short new project. Mostly dealing with texturing and lighting.

Finished most of the modeling and starting to mess around with textures. Going to be a lot of Sub Surface Scattering learning in this.

July 14, 2012

Man Head - Speed Sculpt

Been busy redoing my website. Felt like my old design wasn't showcasing my artwork well enough so I did a major overhaul. Check it out at www.HaydenMcGowan.com.

Did do some zbrushing. Went from women to men again. Need to actually start a full figure again. Hopefully will get a good concept going for one in the future.


July 3, 2012

Late Night Monster Speed Sculpt

Wanted to just make a monster. Soooo I did:

Female Head Study 2

Did a couple more heads today. Going to start making more unique ones now that I'm getting the generic shapes down. In order of being done:

 The last one I felt was the most successful. Heres the vid of its creation:


July 2, 2012

Female Head Study 1

Concentrating on doing some more realistic heads lately. I want to be able to do a decent female head right now. So I'll be going through a lot of different sculpts in the next week trying to get techniques down. I'll probably move on after that and maybe do some non-human sculpting. Its so much more fun when you can just do whatever you want and not be held in place by reality!

Biggest problems with this one was that it turned out looking too young. Size of the eyes may play a lot into this. I also had some problems at first getting the proportions down on the head, as you can still see in the side and even the 3/4 view. The forehead is a little bulbus as well now that I take a second look at it...

Things I liked in this sculpt were the lips. My past lips have been pretty ugly. These started to work out a lot better. I also like my attempt at the eyes. The feel more form fitted around the actual eyeballs rather than just put over the top.