December 30, 2011

Killer Whale Model

Just a model I was working on a the other day and forgot to upload... Photoshop isn't working for who knows what reason so they are all their own image...

Ghetto Colored it just for understand of what it is hahah!

Generic Male Head

Check out the time-lapse:

Trying some new tools and techniques. Gota keep doing this every day! I can feel myself getting better and faster. I need to start memorizing anatomy more as well. I feel like having the bases of good anatomy will make things come out a lot better and a lot faster. 

December 29, 2011

Winter Sculpting and Cool New Artist

Heres a link to my newest sculpt:

I also discovered an amazingly talented artist that has really inspired me to get better at the whole zbrush thing. Check him out:

I'm in need of starting more thesis stuff before break ends. I will be creating some rocks, first mocked up in maya for general shape an form, then switch over to zbrush for small details. Hopefully will be able to get those out and on this blog soonish.

December 21, 2011

Winter Break Work

Its winter break. Well almost halfway through it... I really want to get some sculpting done over these next few weeks and get some portfolio worthy stuff out of the learning experience. Tonight I did some free sculpting of a head:

Something else I was working on was a sea captain. However I haven't gotten around to making his hat or finishing the head, but perhaps I should still post it to get me more in the mood to finish it:

December 3, 2011

New Website

My new portfolio Website is online. There are a few dead links right now, but its getting there.

Go check out some of my work!

December 2, 2011

24 hour character design

Couple days ago I participated in a 24 hour Character Jam on facebook with some friends. 24 hours being the max anyone could work, but in realistic terms, work as fast as possible before you get behind in real work....

My prompt was a barber. I decided I would make a barber who's job was to cut the mane of a lion. Though I didn't get to complete my project because I had to work on other things... I did come up with a decent starting sculpt

All done in zbrush and some retopologizing and modeling in Maya:

Sadly I was one of the few to have a finished 3D model... I feel like just by watching people's WIP and seeing their final creation done I can learn a lot.