June 11, 2011

Zbrush 4

Just got my hands on zbrush 4. No more being out of date!!! Expect lots of videos on my vimeo in the next weeks as I play around with the new tools and get better at the program itself!

Key points to practice - Feet, Hands, Faces

Just the hard stuff!

June 7, 2011

Zbrush Video Tutorials

Go check out my video tutorials on Vimeo:


Hah not something I would normally do, but I got talked into it by friends. The videos are just a overlook at some basic things that a first time zbrusher would want to know to get a quick start into sculpting. I also will be creating videos of my own workflow and some of the tools I use to do my experimentation.

June 5, 2011


Oh hey retopology.... Thats how you do it... Hah... About time I figured that out!

Sculpting Ideas

Working on two characters for next year. Just brainstorming some stuff. I work much faster in 3D than drawing ideas. Its so nice to just have the ability to sculpt and not have to worry about structure and stuff. Just pushing and pulling to get shapes, quickly blocking in cool ideas. Its really the best thing that I could wish for.

Still wondering if I should have the thinner man be older? Right now hes going to have like a cabby hat, though I had him with goggles on his hat before. Still not sure if I like either idea best. Got to explore explore explore!!!

Need to work on bodies now! Gota get to work on environment stuff as well. Its going to be tough making a huge environment which is what I'm imagining... Hmmmm...

June 4, 2011


Whow more firsts!!! I have been playing around with mudbox and in some spare time created these few sculpts:

Bird man

Ninja turtle

Sea Horse / Dragon 

Its loads of fun! I like it a little better in Zbrush in the way that u sculpt without seeing the polys, which really is very nice. Though everything else about the program seems to be very out dated and in no way as powerful as zbrush. But it was an interesting experience non-the-less

June 1, 2011

Hair? whaaaaa?

First time adding hair to a zbrush sculpt...Funkyyyyyy!
Got some more sculpts I gota finish up and post up here. They are missing eyes, due to my zbrush acting up and not letting me append stuff, though it worked last night oddly enough....

In other news... I'm working at the National Institute of Health. Its a fun internship where I get to learn a lot of different programs and get to touch base on a branch of 3D artwork I didn't really know existed. Only 2nd time in the D.C. area, so gona have to find all the cool hotspots!