May 31, 2012

Daily Sculpt 6 and Female Base Mesh

Wanted to play around a little bit with painting. Didn't do too much, but there you go:

I also have been working on creating a female base mesh. The body is left mostly generic so as to accept any sculpting to be added later on:


May 30, 2012

Pants: Clothing Work

Wanted to try working on some clothing, with wrinkles in it. An interesting first look, but I need to study how everything works and have another couple goes at it:

May 23, 2012

Reworking Anatomy AGAIN

Getting better and better every time I go and revisit anatomy study. I need to sit down with an anatomy book and draw a lot more of exactly how things work:

May 21, 2012

Sperm Whale

I don't know what it is, but whales are just a ton of fun to sculpt. It really quite a weird thing to be obsessed with!

Daily Sculpt 5

Not too keen on the 3/4 view. Somethings a bit strange with the jaw. The hair just is plain bleh, but its at least a hint of something:

May 19, 2012

Warrior, Scar and Skin Test

Wanted to revisit the head I made a couple days ago. A pretty generic scar idea, but I just wanted to see how it would look. I made the skin around the wounded eye very deformed and warped. Though looking at it now I think it needs to be exaggerated more. Subtle details in sculpts seem to be lost very quickly:


Playing around with starting a full body character. I need to refine at a higher sub div still, just laying things out:

May 18, 2012

Hard Surface - Hummer

Working on a hard surface project, modeling a hummer. Its going to be a H2, which is the non-military version. Just boxing things out for now:

Daily Sculpt 4

Wanted to do a more stylized character with sharper facial features. The top of his elongated head was just asking for a hat, so I had to put on there:

I think that from now on I will consider doing more costume things and expand from heads to torsos. I also want to do some full body things of creatures. It will be a mix of all of these I think in the near future.

May 17, 2012

Reworking Some Anatomy

I went back and reworked some of my older anatomy work. Things that I have been running into as problems is making the body more round in 3/4 views. It ends up becoming boxy due to sculpting in the two views, and not working as well in the other views. I find myself often making the head too small on my characters. I tried to do a better proportion of head to body in this one. A normal person is about 6 heads high. Making the head smaller makes them look bigger and more stylized.

Another part of the body I found myself messing up is where the legs connect. The sides of the legs go much further up the torso than I normally have them:

May 16, 2012

Daily Sculpt 3.5

Finished working on my Spock Sculpt. Not a fan of the hair, but it was more of a general shape than anything. Probably will go back and put in strands. I also think that the cheeks may be a little too sharp and defined:

Daily Sculpt 3

When starting my daily sculpt I saw something and had to pursue it. Here's a quick view. I'll go back to this guy when I finish my sculpt today. I see him with some nasty scars and tribal jewelry.

I was planning on doing SPOCK for today, which kinda fed into this guy with the pointy ears and such!

May 15, 2012

Daily Sculpt 2.5

Wanted to do a female face in contrast to the male heads. I like it a lot better when close up than further away. There's just something about the shape of the head that doesn't sit well with me, but no pushing or prodding really helped. Had to call it quits. I'll revisit the sculpt later to improve some stuff about it.

Daily Sculpt 2

Worked on a head based on Russel Crow. A pretty shady attempt at hair. Have to play around with that more. Did get to put in things like stubble which added some detail. Not too happy with the side view, but ran out of time:

First day of my determined daily sculpting.

I need to learn a lot more about modeling straight in zbrush. I find that my lines often become jagged around edges and no smoothing will fix them. I try to remesh and project to get rid of them, but that's a no go. I'll have to try dynamesh and see how that works on that issue... Because it really makes forming tight corners impossible without it looking bad...

May 13, 2012

Hard Surface - Luger

I wanted to try out some more hard-surface modeling. So I took on making a Luger Yesterday:

Going to try and start doing a sculpt a day in Zbrush. There's a lot of stuff I want to try out. Both in working on my anatomy understanding as well as working on making more monsters / creatures.

May 12, 2012

Dark Siders Fail

A fail because I didn't have the time to finish it.... The contest was right at the end of thesis, during the busiest weeks! But I though the concept was cool. I wanted to add some color to my Angelic Mace concept so I center my design around a giant uncut hunk of Crystal. My design was only from one side and flat so when I took it into 3d I made it a 4 sided mace containing the jewel with angel wings protruding from the side. What I got done:


Base Mesh:

Sculpting Progress:

Wanted to try out my base model's head in Zbrush, so I tried to make it much much different. I originally made a movie to put on my Vimeo, but zbrush was misbehaving and the video recording isn't working, so images:

Male Base Model

Been wanting to get into more sculpting with zbrush, so I decided to make my own base model to then work off of. I simplified topology and made it as generic as possible so that I could better work with it to create new things in zbrush. Biggest flaw right now are the hands and feet. To make them super low poly I had to do some strange topology there, as to not add more topology in the legs and arms.

Also note the fancy Mental ray textures! ooooo ahhhhhh. So used to using Renderman!

May 10, 2012

Snail Model WIP

Baised off this idea created by Barbera Canepa:

I'm thinking of making the shells be a city of sorts on the snails back, with a small outpost that ontrols the snail as the city moves around. I will include windows, doors, balconies, and smoke stacks.

Just a short little fun project. Making the shell was truely a learning experience, I'm glad I figured it out though!

May 8, 2012

My Final Project at Ringling:

Fly Through:

A project centered around Hard Surface Modeling and Environment Modeling. Both of which I haven't done a whole lot of.



I am now officially an Alumni of Ringling College of Art and Design! And now to start my way in the world...

Also lots of time to do things I have been wanting to do. Both learn new things and just get down and do what I like to do rather than what the project requires!