April 19, 2011

Casino Props

As promised, some turn tables of the props...

Working hard on some digital paintings, can't really share now though. Gota keep it under wraps! You know how it goes.

Hope to get back into Z-brush next week, lets see how things go...

April 14, 2011

Casino Models

Working on Lip-sync Projects.

Here are some of the models for the Bookstore and Casino that they take place in. Turn-arounds to come....

April 11, 2011

Toy Project


Hasbro had a workshop here that I was selected to participate in. Here was the final product from that workshop.
I hope to get back to modeling once I get through some some of the work-crunch that is going on now. This summer I'll try to do a sculpt a day and keep it updated on this site.