May 20, 2014

Orbeez Jet

Orbeez Jet toy boxart. Modeled the jet and several accessories.

Toy Story Zing 'Ems

Toy Story Zing 'Ems. Worked on the background imagery for the boxart

Bubble Guppys Cover

A book cover for Nickelodeon's Bubble Guppys that I worked on. Character work

Weird Animals

A project I worked on for Vacation Bible School:
I worked on creating background elements. These images were used as decoration both for web and for standing objects during the VBS promotions.

Also a little branding video for the company that I worked with during the project:

May 15, 2014

Alexandre Da Silva Mariano

A character model / sculpt of Alexandre Da Silva Mariano from the Brazil Football team

Cartoon Kids

Some kid characters I was able to work on with some other people for a side project. The project focused primarily on multiracial children.